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Appliance Repair Quote Request In South Africa

At Appliance Repair South Africa we make your life easier. Is your fridge leaking or your washing machine not switching on? No problem. Just fill out the contact form by clicking on the “get a quote” button to be directed to the next page. Tell us the problem and receive your quote within 3 -5 working days and know whether or not buying a new appliance is the better option.

Washing Machines

With washing machines there are at least 4 reasons for every symptom, such as “not spinning” many DIY repairs are attempted by home owners only to be barking up the wrong tree; let us help.


Is your fridge making your milk spoil and stinking up your house? If your tired of mopping up water puddles and throwing out food before the expiration date request a quote from down below.

Tumble Dryers

Still wet? Not heating? There can be multiple reasons for this unpleasant surprise.
 It could be the PC board, element, clicksons, thermostat, thermal fuses or faulty wiring and more.


Modern refrigeration have elements, these can get hot enough to cause a catastrophic meltdown, so please refrain from tempering on these systems if you are not a qualified technician.


When coming to dishwashers it’s a large factor that many users do not clean excess food of crockery & cutlery causing sump filter blockages, drain pump failure and even main circulation pump failure.


A unit combining a hob & oven is referred to as a stove in South Africa; many households have three separate units namely an oven, hob and extractor and these are normally sold as individual appliances.


Food still cold? The most common cause for a microwave not working at all is a blown main fuse. The microwave main fuse will cut the flow of electricity if too much current passes through it.


Successful repair needs parts and knowledge. A heating element converts electrical energy to heat energy. The element is under the bottom surface of the jug.
Please don’t try DIY this time.

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